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Planning Your Visit To Haida Gwaii


Daajing Giids (Queen Charlotte) Visitor Information Centre Haida Gwaii, (250) 559-8316
Masset Visitor Information Centre, 250-626-3982
Gwaii Taxi and Tours: will help you plan your trip

Everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Trip to Haida Gwaii
At the Edge of the World, an Indigenous People Thrives

Rent Bikes
Guided Beach Tours and e-bike rentals

Gwaii Haanas Tours

James Nickerson comes highly recommended if you want a week or so on a boat.
Maple Leaf Adventures also has an excellent reputation.
Moresby Explorers does one-day trips as well as longer ones, and they are a local (born and bred) operation.

And finally I would recommend Haida Style Expeditions — the only Haida-owned and operated cultural ecotourism company operating on Haida Gwaii — contact person James Cowpar. They do one-day trips by zodiac to four different abandoned Haida village sites, including Sgang Gwaii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
I took a zodiac trip with Haida Style Expeditions last August. It is a very long day — almost five hours there in the zodiac, two hours on the island and five hours back. James Cowpar (Haida Style) also does day trips to three other village sites that are much closer, and I suspect these would be a more relaxing experience. I believe he is working on a way of finding overnight accommodation with the guesthouse at Rose Harbour. This way guests could visit Ninstints (called Sgang Gwaii these days) in a more leisurely way.

Inland Air is the only company that flies to Gwaii Haanas, as far as I know. I took that trip three years ago — the plane can be chartered but is less pricey if you share it with other passengers. (You call the company and put your name on a list.)The plane takes about an hour to fly down and an hour back. You are taken by zodiac out to Sgang Gwaii from where the plane puts down, in a sheltered bay.

Contact in January to make a booking for following summer
INLAND AIR: Monday to Friday leaves Masset two flights a day 9 a.m. and 4 pm. An hour-long flight to Prince Rupert

Car Rentals (Updated June 2021)

Budget at airport in Sandspit 250-637-5688
Call for rate.

Budget in Charlotte: Bill and Angela, have a few available- take a 50$ deposit and a
credit card – no logging roads
250-559-4641 Toll free 1-877-559-4641

Gracie’s in Charlotte – she has one SUV insured- OK on logging roads but not on beaches, (250) 559-4262

Masset Car and Truck Rental (Jen) (250) 626-7089

Rustic Rentals (Masset): (250) 626-3756

Gwaii Taxi and Tours 250-637-1162
Reservations highly recommended.

Public Transport (to and from airport)

New rate (2021) $55.00
Telephone inquiries/reservations:   1-250-559-4461
Email messages are more effective as emails are checked on a regular basis.


Alan Lore in Port Clements, a 30-minute drive from Masset. Here is his contact:
Green Coast Kayaking for Gwaii Haanas.
Eagle Talon Adventures is open for kayak rentals!
Please pre-book you adventures at 778-361-0276.



Tours of Masset/Old Massett, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

Owner/Operator of Gwaai Naay Island House, Ilski’de ( Elsie Gale) offers her services as a Haida Guide for Nature walks and or Totem Pole and village tours. Custom tours available.

In Skidegate you should have a traditional Haida feast at Roberta Olson’s — Keenawaiis Kitchen. You’ll find more information about it on Go Haida Gwaii website, or check out the story on the Feast: An Edible Road Trip.


Fishing Charters (out of Masset)

David Jones: 250-626-9276 (22’ aluminum boat with fishing gear for salmon and bottom fishing)
Chad Elwood: 250-626-7510

Michael Mayr: 250-637-1056 (an 18 foot Hourston Glasscraft boat and a 24-foot Grady White Offshore boat)
Oliver Bell 250 626 9294
Gerry’s Fishing Charters