1590 Delkatla
Masset, Haida Gwaii

(formerly Queen Charlotte Islands)
BC Canada V0T 1M0

Recent comments from our guests


A year ago yesterday I spent an evening and night at Copper Beech House and the memories are still so fresh. Susan was a wonderful hostess and Copper Beech House was beyond my wildest dreams!

We joked about that as she signed some books for me. While the dinner was in progress, I relaxed on the deck and enjoyed the jazz guitar stylings of a local resident whose name I never did get. All in all, it was a marvellous experience and I spent an hour yesterday reviewing photos and videos of the event revelling in the memory of it all.

I'll be back and, in the meantime, I have the memories, the photos and, if I concentrate a little, even the delicious fragrance of Delkatla Slough or harbour. Perhaps I was a sea dog in a previous life and, if there's another, I hope to sail out of Haida Gwaii.

As Bob Hope sang, "Thanks for the memories". It was wonderful and I hope I live long enough to do it again!

Long live Copper Beech Guest House!

Best regards,
~Bob Brown

Thank you so much for our visit. I place Copper Beech House at the top of our near perfect vacation. I saw angels everywhere. You made every minute comfortable, charming & exciting. The food, the guests, the books & art! The feeling of being in the right place. We'll miss you. Take care everyone,

~ Allan & Donna June 25,2013

Mr. Gibson emailed to say that the photo comes from a local bed and breakfast ... "That thing is in the very excellent Copper Beech House bed & breakfast in Masset, BC, run by the Canadian poet Susan Musgrave. We're here because Doug Coupland recommended it, and it's awesome."

~William Gibson June  2012

"Finally, in terms of resting your head for the night, you can either get yourself a big tuft of moss for a pillow and snooze in the woods, OR check in to the Copper Beech House in Masset.You know I love a place with character and/or fish-shaped bowls on the table, so I was quite delighted with this guesthouse, which is owned by author Susan Musgrave. I didn’t get to meet her this time around, and seeing as how she is referred to as “the wild sea-witch of Canada’s northwest coast” in this bio, I feel that’s quite a shame."

~ Reb Stevenson on July 29, 2011  (

"Our group of 8 is back in our urban evirons with Haida Gwaii resonating in our minds and bodies. A particular highlight for us was the wonderful hospitality we experienced at Copper Beech. Your "down to earth" way of hosting us was such a warm and memorable experience; the special dinner and breakfasts; the creatively decorated and oh so comfortable rooms; and the special touches were a feast to the eyes."
    -Don Robertson, July 2011

"Unique. Luverly."
    - Margaret Atwood on Twitter, February 2011.

“Thank you for the hospitality. My faith in people has been renewed.”
     - Doug Weir, May 2011

“Dripping with character…”
      -Brenda and Richard from Fort St. John, B.C., June 2010


“You now own the most important house in New Masset.” 
      - Christopher from Connecticut
      - landscape architect of Martha Stewart’s gardens,
July 2010


“The epitome of eclectic”
     – Becky from Metchosin, B.C. July 2010


“I had such a good time at the Copper Beech House that I couldn't let go of my key, which I found in my pocket upon my return, and which is now in the mails via Canada Post, c/o Ms Sophie Reid, my new best friend.”
     -Michael Turner, author of Hard Core Logo, August 2010


"A house of spiritual power - healing power"
     -Iva, Muskeg Lake, Cree Nation, Saskatchewan

"Joan and I can't thank you enough for all the attention you gave us on our trip down.
From the Lodge, to the brunch with the Haida Leaders. It was a wonderful day and we were touched by your consideration and kindness.
And the food was superb!"
PS You give new meaning
to the phrase 'let's do lunch'"
D.H Burney
Canadian Ambassador

"Now  to the dinner.  Everything, absolutely everything, was superb.  You were feeding a group who appreciated good food and I know  they did not disappoint you.  The candlelight dessert was a special touch and certainly apart of the special memories everyone has  about that unforgettable evening.  To then provide an intellectual dessert, the visit to Jimmy Hart's studio, was above and beyond the call....  Thanks for providing us with a wonderful, wonderful cultural and culinary experience in Masset."

Robert L. Monaham, Interim Director

The Centre for Int'l Studies, Bellingham

"Margaret and I would like to thank you very much for preparing those delicious meals during our stay in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Your care and attention to even our slightest wishes was greatly appreciated and it made our trip a very pleasant one indeed."

Pierre Trudeau
Prime Minister

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